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IBRP Shock Repairs

We can test, diagnose and re-valve your shocks here in Australia. This type of diagnosis allows you to understand the performance of your shock and whether parts need to be replaced that are effecting your shock.

We are the only Genuine Afco authorised repairer in Australia.


So what are you waiting for?

We can repair and re-valve alloy shocks for the following classes SPRINT CARS, V8 DIRT MODIFIED, SUPER SEDAN, LATE MODEL, SUPER & MICRO SPRINTS, COMPACTS AND ANY AFCO ALLOY SHOCK

SHOCK ABSORBER Definition: A device that converts motion into heat, usually by forcing oil through small internal passages in a tubular housing. Used primarily to dampen suspension oscillations, shock absorbers respond to motion; their effects, therefore, are most obvious in transient manoeuvres  

Specialising in re-valving Sprintcar Shocks to suit your individual needs

Our Achievements Using Afco Shocks

  1. Tasmanian Grand National 2010-Darren Kane

  2. National Supersedan Series Runner-up 2010-Darren Kane

  3. NSW Title 2009-Darren Kane

  4. Australian Supersedan Champion 2009-Darren Kane

  5. National Supersedan Series 2009-Darren Kane

  6. Australian Supersedan Champion 2008 - Jamie McHughQueensland Supersedan Champion 2008-Darren Kane

  7. Australian Super Sedan Champion 2004-Darren Kane

  8. Queensland Super Sedan Champion 2003-Wayne Randall




RE-VALVE $77.00* .



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