Team Dominator Race Cars Late Model and Super Sedan

Darren Kane
Late Model & Super Sedan Driver

Darren Kane is arguably the greatest exponent of both the Super Sedan and Late Model categories in Australia.

Kane is a driver who is highly regarded and has won every title there is to win throughout an illustrious career. This season alone he won a record fifth National Super Sedan Series, in addition to his first Australian Late Model Championship in January at Kingaroy Speedway.

Darren Kane came to prominence in 1991 being the youngest ever Tasmanian Super Sedan Title winner. In the same year he represented Tasmania against the USA Valvoline Super Sedan Team. He represented Tasmania through the nineties and visited the mainland on a regular basis. In 1999 he was the runner-up at the Australian Titles in Mt Gambier. The year 2000 was another successful year with another Tasmanian Title and another runner-up at the National Titles. He was also awarded the Tasmanian Motor sport Driver of the Year. In 2001 he again won the Tasmanian Title.

Darren is the current lap record holder at Archerfield, Latrobe, Mildura, Toowoomba and Rockhampton.

Darren Kane

  • 5 Time National Super Sedan Series Champion!
  • 2015 QLD Late Model Title
  • 2015 National Super Sedan Series
  • 2015 NSW Late Model Title
  • 2015 Australian Late Model Title
  • 2014 QLD Late Model Title
  • 2013 QLD Super Sedan Title
  • 2013 NSW Super Sedan Title
  • 2013 National Super Sedan Series
  • 2012 Ian Boettcher 5000
  • 2012 NSW Super Sedan Title
  • 2012 WA Super Sedan Title
  • 2011 VIC Super Sedan Title
  • 2011 NSW Super Sedan Title
  • 2011 SSA Championship Series
  • 2011 National Super Sedan Series
  • 2010 NSW Super Sedan Title
  • 2010 TAS Grand National
  • 2009 NSW Super Sedan Title
  • 2009 Australian Super Sedan Title
  • 2009 National Super Sedan Series
  • 2009 Australian Late Model Title

Ian Boettcher
Team Owner

Ian Boettcher commenced his association with Speedway in 1966 racing a Speedcar in Brisbane, Australia. This Speedcar was totally designed and built by Ian's racing team in his own workshop, starting with a few tubes of chrome molly and a Peugeot 203 engine, which was re-designed from a 1600cc engine to a 2200cc race motor. This Speedcar was raced competitively for three years and then replaced by a Volvo engine, which proved much more competitive. The Speedcar was raced all along the East Coast of Australia.

In the mid-seventies Ian switched his racing interests to Saloon Car Racing. Having Launched the Mazda franchise for Ipswich, Ian was looking for a challenge and decided to race a Mazda RX3.

The car was the first in Australia to offer fuel injection in a rotary using alcohol for fuel. The majority of the competitors at the time were running V8 Chevy's and the going was very tough for the rotary. Throughout the seventies and the eighties much development when into the rotary to make it competitive. The progression of development has been from side fuel injected to 13B peripheral port and then to a Super Charged 13B fuel injected with a boost of 5 PSI & progressed to 20PSI produced 450-500HP.

This has now progressed to a 3 Rotor engine with produced 500HP @ 9500RPM

After researching the idea for a number seasons, 1999 saw a major commitment to the industry with the commencement of retail Speedway business in Ipswich. Ian Boettcher Race Parts had come of age, with a state of the art showroom and Race Car Fabrication Facility. The division offers high performance race parts from leading Australian and overseas manufacturers. The division focus is on Dirt Track Speedway, but also offers Drag, Touring and Go Kart high performance products. The division also manufactures cars, offering basic chassis and tinware through to turn key status for Super Sedans, A.M.C.A & V8 Dirt Modified cars. All vehicles manufactured comply with ASCF regulations. The Division represents the largest Speedway focused outlet in Australia and has become the No 1 Super Sedan specialist in Australia. Ian's current race car is a Mazda RX7, powered by a 366 Chevy with modified chassis and suspension.

Over the 25 years of racing Ian has had only five different drivers in his Race Cars.

Les Pascoe 1974-1985, Mervyn Dixon 1985-1987, Wayne Randall 1987-2005, Darren Kane 2005-2008, Jamie McHugh 2008, Darren Kane 2008-Current.

Ian Boettcher Race Parts / Dominator Chassis Super Sedan

Ian Boettcher Race Parts / Dominator Chassis Late Model