IBRP Workshop Services


Chassis Dyno Hire

The Dynapack, our incredible chassis dyno, has been described as our secret weapon on more than one occasion it’s what we use to squeeze every last drop of power from our engines.
As a chassis dyno, the Dynapack couples directly to the wheel hubs and applies a precisely controlled hydraulic load.

This method of direct coupling, combined with its built-in strength, results in a huge number of benefits over alternative methods, including better accuracy, enhanced control and sensitivity, and greater speed. In essence, it enables us to create near ‘laboratory conditions’ and to hunt down the very best results.

Print outs are provided of the power, torque, air fuel ratio and manifold pressure levels if applicable

  • Dyno hire
  • Engine Tuning
  • Power runs

IBRP Dynapack Chassis Dyno

Shock Rebuild, Repair & Dyno

We offer a full shock rebuild and repair service and specialise in Integra, Afco and Pro Shocks stocking thousands of spare parts and components.
After refurbishment our Roehrig SYD 3VS crank dyno enables our engineer to accurately determine your shocks force-velocity curve and tune it accordingly for optimal performance.
Print outs are provided of the Foce VS Absolute Velocity, Shaft speed, CVP (Constant Velocity Pickoff), PVP (Peak Velocity Pickoff)

Sheet metal fabrication

  • Cutting, folding and rolling

Custom made components

  • Fuel tanks, firewalls and surge tanks
  • Installing components assembling cars
  • Custom braided lines and hoses, complete car plumbing service available.
  • Race car crash repairs

Custom made trailers

  • Built to your specifications
  • Servicing and repairs
  • Wiring and electrics
  • Retrofits and upgrades